Assessment & succession

We offer precise insights into the abilities of your employees in order to allow you to make targeted and effective development and strategy decisions.


The best businesses understand their employees. They have a clear, comprehensive and objective view of the abilities and characteristics of their workforce and what motivates them. This way, they can identify future top talent, develop these individuals personally and holistically, and find roles for them that are perfectly aligned with their capabilities. Hogan assessments provide an extraordinarily reliable and practical basis on which to evaluate strengths and potential for development. These scientifically validated assessments are able to predict employee performance at all levels and in all industries and sectors.

With our Hogan assessment and succession solutions, we can help you to understand the abilities of your managers and ensure that the right personnel decisions are made as part of the recruitment process.

This is what you can expect of dla in the field of assessment:

  • Assessment: Comprehensive and objective assessment of internal and external candidates and elaboration of individual development plans
  • Management audit in the context of search processes: Identification of success-related behaviors and ways of working, as well as risks and central motivating factors
  • Succession management: Contextual analysis to identify the required talent, and a talent review as a basis for the development of success profiles for critical functions

Why should you use Hogan?

Why dla?


Our mission is to enable the right people to be successful in an organization in the long term. We show you potentials, behavior under pressure and stress, goals, interests and values as well as its motivators.


We understand our clients’ business. We support you with our customized Hogan Assessments in the decision-making process when selecting candidates, in the development of high potentials and executives in particular, and in the onboarding process.


The right people bring success. We support you in aligning the right people with strategies and are sparring partners at eye level.