Project performance is essential – Interview Dr. Rainer Mehl – Part 2

With a look to the automotive industry, digitization offers greater opportunities than averting the next Apple Car by marshalling their own “smart” networked vehicles. In the first part of this dla Perspective Dr. Rainer Mehl from Capgemini Invent explains why the greatest potential lies in shifting from product focus to customer centricity. The emphasis of part one of the conversation with Rainer Mehl and Marcel Derakhchan is on how management can shape this change by providing “Digital Leadership.”

A connected life is better than a connected car. Interview Dr. Rainer Mehl – Part 1

We spoke with Dr. Rainer Mehl, Managing Director Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent, about how automobile manufacturers are developing a digital DNA. The first part of this dla Perspectives interview details what steps need to be taken to move from product focus to customer centricity. In the second part of the interview, we present success factors for implementation by managers in the corporate organization and culture.

“Diversity means the end of naivety.” Diversity – Part 1

Diversity is one of the questions that shape the social and political agenda intensively. However, from a corporate strategy perspective, the topic has hardly been addressed to date. Marc Rompf talks to the organization and change experts Dorothea Derakhchan and Christine Solf about the contri-bution diversity makes to competitiveness and innovation, the prerequisites for successful female lea-dership careers and why a heterogeneous mix of voices makes a good choir.

Interview Dr. René Kusch: “Self-Awareness is dead”

In the first part of the “Perspectives” interview, Dr. phil. René Kusch explained what companies should do when dealing with terms such as “VUCA” and “Agility”. To what extent this is changing the role and skills of executives, is explained by the owner of RELEVANT Managementberatung in his continued conversation with Marcel Derakhchan, Manager of DLA Digital Leaders Advisory.

Interview Dr. René Kusch: “Agility needs stability”

Becoming a digital enterprise with Google Sprint and a top executive via an app? How managers can avoid buzzword dead ends during digital transformation, is described by Dr. phil. René Kusch, owner of RELEVANT Management Consulting, in the first part of his “Perspectives” interview with Marcel Derakhchan, Managing Director of DLA Digital Leaders Advisory.