supports international companies that face particularly demanding challenges as a result of technological change. dla is  primarily focused on first level assignments in Business and Professional Services, Information Technology and Industrial Techs.

In this demanding environment we support our clients in hiring the right executives and creating the organizational and cultural conditions for long-lasting success.


Executive Search

We fill top positions in companies that are particularly affected by the digital transformation.

Executive Search

Especially dynamic markets require executives who not only fit in with the snapshot of the company, but are also capable of anticipating future development and finding extraordinary people who help shape that transformation. Extensive knowledge of the market, in-depth insight into technological, cultural and economic trends and a multidisciplinary network are just as indispensable as high process reliability and transparency. That's our understanding of staffing processes in the digital age. This is what you can expect in the area of "Executive Search" from dla:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the framework parameters: Markets, technologies, cultural trends, corporate structures, and business models.
  • Twenty years of experience in dealing with executives and thought leaders
  • Objective and critical view of the task and a well-founded cultural assessment
  • Extensive network within our core industries
  • Access to thought leaders and future stars of digital transformation
  • Highest transparency, effectiveness and security throughout the entire staffing process
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Organizational Development

We create organizational and cultural conditions that promote successful leadership and change.

Organizational Development

Even outstanding leaders have no chance of success if they do not fit the organization or its goals and culture. Therefore, clear positioning is critical to success in the run-up to search processes. Only when an organization understands exactly what drives it, in which direction it wants to develop, and what the development path looks like can it provide a potential executive with a compelling, consistent and authentic story. This attracts the right talent and saves the company and candidates from disappointment and failure. dla supports companies with future-oriented organizational development in creating conditions that ensure sustainable success of staffing processes.
  • Future vision development
  • Mission development
  • Organizational culture and motivation analysis
  • Culture and mindset transformation
  • Analysis of development potentials
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Leadership Development

We turn managers into leaders who can guide their teams through transformational processes with skill and confidence.

Leadership Development

Managers faced with the task of shaping change processes need an environment that is compatible with their characteristics, cultural values and convictions. On the other hand, they must also be conscious of their own patterns of behavior and recipes for success and be able to adapt them to the specific conditions in the company. Our leadership development programs help executives understand and consciously shape the context of their actions. Thus, we create the conditions for personal development as well as for sustainable team and organizational changes. gen.
  • Identification, measurement and evaluation of the development potential of managers, leadership candidates and teams
  • Identification of skills gaps in the organization as well as potential candidates who can fill those gaps
  • Creation of comprehensive images of the reputation and personality of executives
  • Definition of development plans based on parameters relevant to success
  • Executive coaching for targeted and effective leadership development at the highest level
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Assessment & Succession

We assess employees’ individual skill sets to help you make informed decisions about the strategy and development of your company.

Assessment & Succession

The best companies understand their employees. They have a clear, comprehensive and objective vision of what skills and qualities they possess and what motivates them. This enables them to identify future top talents, develop them with a holistic, personal perspective, and find roles that best fit their talents. Our assessment and succession solutions help us understand the abilities of the executives so that the right personnel decisions are made within the staffing process. This is what you can expect in the assessment division of dla:
  • Assessment: Comprehensive and objective assessment of internal and external candidates and development of individual development plans
  • Management audit in the context of search processes: Ensuring accurate and effective personnel decisions based on predicting behavior in organizations
  • Succession management: Context analysis to identify required talent and talent review as a basis for developing success profiles for critical functions
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Being innovative without losing time; developing knowhow in the absence of knowledge about the right profile – transformation in many companies is akin to qualifying a tanker for a regatta.



dla digital leaders advisory was established in 2017. Our founders are seasoned veterans in the fields of executive search, HR consulting and organizational consulting. As a boutique consultancy with a solid network of strategic partners, we help our clients prepare their organizations and employees for the challenges raised by dynamic markets and the digital transformation.

We primarily support our clients in finding and hiring executives who are perfectly matched with their company and its future challenges. Beyond this, dla combines creative and structured methods to create organizational frameworks to help your employees thrive. The key to our success is the intensive, open and empathic approach that builds and maintains our partnerships.

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