Two sets of three tips on inducting women to new management positions

How can companies succeed in raising the share of women in management positions in a sustained manner? Maren Martschenko, brand consultant and board member of Digital Media Women, outlines three success criteria for female managers getting off to the ideal start in the corporate world. Marcel Derakhchan, Managing Partner of dla digital leaders advisory rounds off the account with three aspects that are important in executive searches and the staffing of management positions with female professionals.

Open innovation for executives

High hopes, modest results: In many companies “Open Innovation” experiments peter out quite quickly. The cardinal error is the failure to take advantage of contact points with the leadership culture. By adhering to a few simple, basic rules, managers can turn open innovation activities into success stories.

The Essence of Corporate Value

Ein neues Auto, eine exotische Kaffeesorte oder eine Office-App haben eines gemeinsam: sie machen die produktive Leistung eines Unternehmens greifbar. Und wie sich diese Leistung auszahlt, zeigen KPIs und EBIT. Nur: keine Firma funktioniert wie eine Exceltabelle. Ein Gespräch mit Dorothea Derakhchan, Associate Partner von dla, über die Essenz unternehmerischer Wertschöpfung.

The Hogan assessment test provides useful points of reference for identifying and developing executives

Network dynamics replace hierarchies, value replaces intrigue, shared power replaces consolidated power: the digitalization is rapidly transforming the requirements of successful leadership. How do you identify suitably qualified decision-makers who can keep up with dynamic market developments? The Hogan assessment test uses three character traits to determine employees’ potential for successful decision-making.

From Business Consultant to Trusted Advisor: How to influence others with impact

Without complexity and dynamics, there would be no need for consultants. Therefore, an increasingly networked, fast and hard-to-predict world is not what scares consultants. Quite contrary: Mastering these developments for customers is the core of every consulting firm’s business model. The big question is rather how a consultant with knowledge, experience and convictions can effectively influence and initiate lasting changes.

Attracting Top-Consultants to Professional Services Firms

Lateral hires are an extremely effective method for professional-service organizations to complete and complement their skill set. Potential partners are an excellent source of expertise and client access, making this a great alternative to building these assets internally. The latter usually takes many years and results in you instead having to guard your homegrown talent from your competitors. Unfortunately, the most suitable candidates are in high demand, or the HR team might lack experience in recruiting this highly coveted target group. The following factors can help you find your bearings and onboard new partners successfully.

Tour guide for new executives

Tour guide for new executives

A successful start to a new job is based on the fact that euphoria does not turn into disillusionment. Onboarding of senior executives is therefore central to businesses today, so as to not lose laboriously recruited and qualified candidates in the early months, but instead to enable them to work efficiently in the new environment and retain them in the long term.