Leadership Development

We will support you in rethinking your approach to management and helping your managers to develop into mature personalities to ensure that you jointly stay fit for the future.


The age we live in calls for a skillset that extends beyond traditional management concepts. Knowledge has a short shelf life. The only teams that will remain fit for the future are those that are open to a lifelong learning process, personal maturity, knowledge sharing and co-creativity. 

This in turn calls for managers who can carry the whole team with them: Those who revel in innovation – but also those who are fearful of new technologies and the speed of change. They must be bridge-builders who mediate between those who are drivers of innovation and those with their feet on the ground, and combine the best of both worlds. New forms of social interaction are needed: A fact that is acquiring fresh urgency as more and more people are working from home. Digital technology is nurturing the desire for warmth and community. Management today means:

Encouraging social interaction, providing focus and orientation, asking knowledge workers the questions that really matter, showing genuine interest, pooling knowledge and using it successfully.

Through our leadership development programs we can help your organization to gain an edge in a competitive corporate environment:

  • The Journey – leadership team development in four stages: Value, purpose, defining the mission and the image of the future, supported by Hogan team diagnostics
  • Commit instead of Command: Transformational management training that opens up a new perspective on leadership and collaboration
  • Executive coaching for targeted and effective leadership development at the highest level


Why dla?


We have a deep understanding of the dynamics in power environments and many years of experience in leadership topics as well as in challenges of a managerial position.


Our holistic approach combines individually tailored formats and proven tools that open up a co-creative development space for leaders.


The focus is always on everyday leadership – imparted through practical examples, hands-on exercises and role plays with professional actors.