“Dealing with complexity is the greatest source of stress and strain.” – Part 1

Marcel Ramin Derakhchan

Being innovative without losing time; developing knowhow in the absence of knowledge about the right profile – transformation in many companies is akin to qualifying a tanker for a regatta. Marco Thelen shows organizations how they can master complex change processes by building the right team. An interview with Marcel Derakhchan about leadership key success factors in disruptive times.

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How can companies succeed in raising the share of women in management positions in a sustained manner? Maren Martschenko, brand consultant and board member of Digital Media Women, outlines three success criteria for female managers getting off to the ideal start in the corporate world. Marcel Derakhchan, Managing Partner of dla digital leaders advisory rounds off the account with three aspects that are important in executive searches and the staffing of management positions with female professionals.

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The Essence of Corporate Value
Ein neues Auto, eine exotische Kaffeesorte oder eine Office-App haben eines gemeinsam: sie machen...

Article18. January 2019

The Hogan assessment test provides useful points of reference for identifying and developing executives
Network dynamics replace hierarchies, value replaces intrigue, shared power replaces consolidated...

Article27. October 2018

From Business Consultant to Trusted Advisor: How to influence others with impact
Without complexity and dynamics, there would be no need for consultants. Therefore, an increasingly...

Article30. August 2018

Attracting Top-Consultants to Professional Services Firms
Lateral hires are an extremely effective method for professional-service organizations to complete...

Article1. May 2018

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Project performance is essential – Interview Dr. Rainer Mehl – Part 2

With a look to the automotive industry, digitization offers greater opportunities than averting the next Apple Car by marshalling their own “smart” networked vehicles. In the first part of this dla Perspective Dr. Rainer Mehl from Capgemini Invent explains why the greatest potential lies in shifting from product focus to customer centricity. The emphasis of part one of the conversation with Rainer Mehl and Marcel Derakhchan is on how management can shape this change by providing “Digital Leadership.”

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“You have to understand the rules in order to change the game.” Diversity – Part 2
In the second part of the interview with the organization and change experts Dorothea Derakhchan and...
Interview6. May 2019

A connected life is better than a connected car. Interview Dr. Rainer Mehl – Part 1
We spoke with Dr. Rainer Mehl, Managing Director Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences at...
Interview9. March 2019

“Diversity means the end of naivety.” Diversity – Part 1
Diversity is one of the questions that shape the social and political agenda intensively. However,...
Interview1. March 2019

Interview Heiko Weber: “Smart Factories are much more than digitalisation”
Heiko Weber, Partner at Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business and Marcel Derakhchan,...
Interview11. November 2018

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