The horizon of expectations: Companies need to have good answers to these questions

Marc-David Rompf - 13. March 2020

Some 3/4 of AI professionals are satisfied with their present job, a fact that is making the fight to secure fresh talent even harder (KI Survey von MMC Ventures). Consequently, it is all the more important not to fumble interviews with already scarce candidates through poor preparation. Which questions would AI professionals ask in a job interview?

„Data scientists love to share. It is important to show what I am contributing to.
Christian Kaupa, VP Insights & Data Deutschland, Capgemini

Field 1: Questions on direction.

  • What is the long-term goal of the AI strategy? Is it a matter of speed, of forecasts, or other, entirely different goals?
  • What are the medium-term focus areas on the way to these goals?
  • Are analytics and AI regarded as a product or a means to increase the efficiency of company processes?
  • For management roles: Why does the company need an AI strategist?

Field 2: Questions on security.

  • What team will I have around me?
  • Or is the team still in process of being built? If this is the case, what exactly is the plan?
  • Is there a budget for innovation purposes? If so, what are they and on what terms?
  • If appropriate, how would the position be cross-financed?

Field 3: Questions on maturity.

  • Which use cases have been implemented, and which are currently being worked on?
  • What does a typical project look like in terms of interaction between R&D and other departments?
  • How are new use cases defined?
  • How long does it take for an AI project to have an impact?
  • Where or how do I come into the picture? And with what decision-making powers?

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